Duck in, Duck out: A saucy branding solution.

Duck in, Duck out: A saucy branding solution.

At UDKU, we love helping large corporates find their inner start up, and start ups compete at scale.

As far as start ups go – the restaurant trade is a notoriously risky and fickle business. This explains the trend towards pop-ups, allowing a lower investment concept trial to see whether customers respond beyond the fad.

So when celebrity chef’s Manu Feildel and Phil Davenport approached UDKU to develop the branding for their new Duck burger concept, we were duly excited.

UDKU Design Director led the project and turned what we codenamed “Project Quack” into Duck In Duck Out – popping up right now in the Courtyard of the Surry Hills Hotel.


Q: What were your first thoughts when you were briefed on creating the branding for a Duck Burger joint?

What stood out for me was that Manu and Phil were going to use a classic technique (confit) to create fast food – the juxtaposition of classic/commercial stuck and became the foundation of our creative thinking. The guys were open to all of our crazy ideas and were just as excited as us to venture away from typical food branding.


Q: Duck In Duck Out. Why do you think that won the hearts of Phil and Manu?

We collectively came up with many cool names (e.g.. ‘Quack Dealer’ – credit to Nicholas my bf for coming up with this one). But I think ‘Duck In Duck Out’ won because it was supported with the visual direction of the logo and suited the overall look and feel we had in mind for the brand.


Q: Tell us about the inspiration of the design concept?

To me the concept is a sexy suggestive take on fast food. At the start I looked at Brigitte Bardot + vintage stag films while listening to Quentin Tarantino film soundtracks. So, blend that up then add a hit of reality, I mean, commerciality, and you have it. It was also important that the graphics look fun but clean – since we’re talking food… We produced a suite of logos instead of just one and built a visual language through playful graphic assets that are unique to DIDO.


Q: Beyond the pop up stage, tell us about the (duck) legs the brand has to go further

It was great working with the guys (Phil, Manu, Natalie and the team) and I am looking forward to developing DIDO further creatively. The Surry Hills Hotel site is a good fit for the cool urban first DIDO and through considered application methods (spray painted, wall paper, etc.) we adapted the branding to fit the look and feel of the neighbourhood (and the budget). I am excited to see how it comes to life within a more modern space in the future – think of it as DIDO’s established even sexier sister …

If you’d like a taste, visit Duck In Duck Out at 201 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, 11.30am-10pm, 7 days a week, between 6 April and 30 June 2017.

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