What’s missing?

The new agenda for innovation: what’s missing?

The National Innovation and Science agenda is a massive step forward for us, so rather than view this as a criticism, I’d prefer to frame this as a challenge, for us all to fill in the blank spaces on what is a very generous and forward thinking canvas:

– The first clue comes in the very title “Innovation and Science Agenda”. While an innovation like a Tesla is rooted in science, innovations like Uber and Airbnb are less about science, and more about customer insight and understanding.

– One of the more exciting developments is the opening of access to research. But again this is appears to be heavily skewed towards research provided by publicly funded organisations. But some of the greatest opportunities and ideas for innovation come from a deep understanding of customer experience. This is the very reason we design our solutions around our customers deeper needs and motivations, since these frameworks are long term and outlast the tech of the day.

– For established businesses the opportunity lies in having access to resources and expertise that just need to be channeled the right way in order to join the era of innovation. Additionally, established businesses should see the agenda as a warning that their businesses are more likely than every before to be disrupted. By looking out for new ways to audit and examine your customer experience both qualitatively and quantitatively, you can spot which gaps to fix, and which strengths to promote, before the well-branded “idea’s boom” sends your business in the opposite direction.

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