Why U Don’t Know Us?

UDKU helps large businesses find their inner start up, and start up businesses compete at scale. Operating as both consultancy and creative partner, our deliverables vary greatly from project to project. Through our proprietary Evidence Based Design process, we created innovation in branding, digital interface, physical environment, omni-channel experience and communication. But at the heart of our projects is one thing in common: a client who wanted to break through.


A new lens on customer intelligence 
to focus and drive constant innovation

Every business talks about putting the customer at the heart of decision making, but doing this is often easier said than done. By combining your existing knowledge sources with a rigourous Customer Experience Audit and unique research tools, we help businesses focus on the areas they need to innovate to create maximum impact with minimum risk.

Leveraging emerging sciences in Behavioural Economics and Neuroscience

There is an adage that says half your marketing budget is probably wasted. Emerging market sciences such as Behavioural Economics and Neuroscience can help tip the scales in your favour.

95% of purchasing decisions are made by the subconscious, and our applied learnings in this area can help you tap into that decision-making power.

We have tests that can shed new light on brand positioning, packaging decisions, creative testing, sensory engagement and more

Design and end-to-end delivery to get you to market

Design is now recognised as one of the most compelling and sustainable forms of competitive advantage. Our design capability can help you get to market better and faster, testing new ideas for success before you roll out the winning ones at scale. Brand, Communications, Digital, Store – all seamlessly integrated. Our team of in house experts and trusted partners has an enviable track record of delivery.

Training to create internal capability to innovate and break down silos

Relying on external help isn’t always the answer- our clients know they need the skills and culture inside the organization to keep up in a world where constant disruption is the norm. We can help by creating bespoke training programmes that leverage our own tools as well as some of the best learnings from the worlds of behavioural economics and neuroscience to help you make innovative thinking a part of your business as usual.

Is your business innovation ready?

Our innovation heat map survey will help you find out. Contact us to find out more.